Course Description

7 Keys to Unleash Your Movement is a signature ecourse designed for the visionary who is ready to move past fear, who is tired of just dreaming about making a big impact on the world and has made a decision to act now! The ultimate goal is to move from stuck to strategy! 

Strategist & Social Movement Mentor

Randryia Houston Taylor, LMSW

Randryia Houston Taylor is President of a firm focusing on strategy development for visionary women leaders in business, ministry and philanthropic entrepreneurs. From teen mom to CEO of a global nonprofit, Randryia created Unleash Your Movement, a vehicle serving notice to the world; every woman has a movement inside of her!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Honor Your Movement

    • Honoring Your Movement Worksheet#1

    • Movement Mindset Worksheet#2

    • Watch Video- Stop Telling Your Big Dreams to Small- Minded People

    • Video Reflections Worksheet#3

    • Create a vision board for your movement

  • 2

    Module 2: Purpose/ Result of Your Movement

    • Testimonial Exercise

    • Testimonial Example

    • Robin van der Vegt Article

    • Biography Exercise

    • 14 Harsh Truths You Need to Know to Be Stronger

  • 3

    Module 3: Research ( Who’s Doing What, Best Practices, Market Research)

    • Research Exercise#1

    • Research Reflections

    • Research Exercise#2

    • Market Research Action List

  • 4

    Module 4: Start Where You Are

    • Start Where You Are SWOT

    • Start Where You Are Questions

    • Additional Resource (SWOT Analysis Worksheet)

    • Opportunities and Threats Exercise

    • Opportunities and Threats Action Plan

    • Additional PEST Analysis Resource

    • SWOT Action Plan

  • 5

    Module 5: Create Momentum

    • Create Momentum

  • 6

    Module 6: Strategy to Propel

    • Strategy to Propel Social Media

    • Strategy to Propel Engagement

    • Defining Your Social Media Presence

    • Social Media Action Plan

    • The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand Movement Journal Exercise

  • 7

    Module 7: Launch Your Movement Get Out & Sell

    • Successful Introverts Throughout History

    • Elevator Pitch Exercise

    • Engagement Exercise

    • Unleash Your Movement Toolkit Resource Guide